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I started practicing fencing and sailing at the age of seven. Even during primary school, in my early essays, I would write that I would engage in these sports throughout my life, first as an athlete and then as a teacher, and fortunately, that’s how it turned out.

When I was young, apart from my training, I would be put on small boats to teach children who were just starting to engage in my sport. I enjoyed doing it because it gave me a great sense of satisfaction when they were able to sail independently.

When I decided to pursue a career in sports, I studied at the University of Sport in Rome and took numerous courses to expand my technical knowledge. I studied both in Italy and abroad, becoming an instructor in fencing, sailing, swimming, water polo, and personal training.

In 2019, I opened a family-operated sailing school at the Tibidabo beach establishment in Rome. It was a wonderful place where children could grow and learn in harmony and with great dedication. I learned and grew alongside them. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, we had to close the school after 10 years of operation. Nonetheless, the bonds and satisfactions we built and carried away from that experience will remain with us forever.

What truly shaped my technical background was the opportunity to work with athletes at levels I never would have imagined. I learned to analyze and study how to improve something that was already perfect for me. When an athlete surpasses their coach, it’s undoubtedly a great satisfaction, but then it’s necessary to alter the athlete’s training and study new methodologies. I applied this approach in all the disciplines I taught.

Another significant step was beginning boxing. It was an extraordinary experience! The athletic preparation, the tactics, the chance to compete at increasingly higher levels…

Through boxing, I experienced the true physical exhaustion of pushing my body beyond any limit. I also experienced the genuine rush of adrenaline. In a boxing match, people pay to see you fight. In that moment, there’s only one ring and everyone’s focused solely on you and your opponent. If you lose, it’s not just the regret of defeat; you also endure the blows. This thought compels you to give more than you have during training and competition. For me, it was a profound lesson and a newfound passion.

To understand my story, I must certainly mention my parents, who devoted their lives to taking me to training sessions and competitions. They chose to set aside their vacations for my joys and goals, teaching me that any obstacle can be overcome with great dedication and commitment. Other immensely important individuals who left their mark on my life were various athletes with whom I formed bonds that, even after many years, will never fade. The beauty of this profession is that you share so many wonderful and challenging moments with the athletes you spend countless hours with to achieve those goals. At a certain point, you see them as family members you care about, and even in times of separation, because perhaps after years you choose different paths from the sport, that bond remains forever.

On my journey, I also encountered many wonderful people who taught me a lot and improved me in many aspects. Among them, I could mention the President of my club, Giancarlo Speranza, who was a great friend to me. Unfortunately, he left us not long ago, but he truly enhanced me as a person and as a coach. After hours and hours spent in the car planning for the club, after almost 10 years together, I believe it’s natural that each of my small victories partly owes its success to him.

This is me, thanks to those who turned this profession into a lifelong passion.

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