Day 1

Exercise Note Set/Ripetitions/Rest Video
Rope exercises:
Jump rope
+ bounce
30” workout 10” rest
Jumo rope
alternating frontal touch
30” workout 10” rest
Jump rope
feet together
30” workout 10” rest
Jump rope
from on-guard position
30” workout 10” rest
Jump rope
from on guard position
rope – backwards
30” workout 10” rest
As you like and occasionally spreent with high knees 30”
“Bosu” exercises (you can use sand dune):
Bosu step up frontale (isometric) keep 2” up with your leg 3series/10 each leg/1′ after both leg
Core-slider and lumbar circuit


3 series /6 exercises da 30” each/1′ 30” rest
Core slider open and close 20”
Lumbar Superman 20”
knee to opposite shoulder 20”
Lumbar Angel 20”
Back of the legs 20”
Lumbar little heart 20”
tennis ball exercises
Tennis ball exercises n.1 is importante the right coordination arm leg 2′ each exercises and repeat both front leg
30-Second Test at 3 meters look up on the page under tests required

Training form

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