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A Brief Introduction to Our Nutritionist:

When embarking on a nutritional journey with a patient, I always prioritize attentive listening. This approach allows me to better understand your motivations, the intentions driving you, and the objectives you wish to achieve. Only through a comprehensive analysis can we gain a holistic view to tailor a fitting path for each of you.

Expect unwavering dedication and professionalism from me. Alongside a balanced, personalized meal plan, I aim to involve you in the process, emphasizing the significance of your choices and actions. I don’t make decisions for you; I equip you with guidelines to empower you to manage your dietary regimen according to your needs. Throughout this journey, you’ll never be alone. I’m here as an ally to help you evaluate the best decisions, strengthening our professional-patient bond and boosting initial motivation.

There’s no one-size-fits-all diet. That’s why crafting an individualized dietary plan is paramount, one that factors in not just personal preferences and needs, but also a healthy lifestyle encompassing regular physical activity.

My goal is to facilitate a journey of nutritional education, aimed at fostering long-term psycho-physical well-being and safeguarding your health.

My Curriculum Vitae

I am Dr. Marina Ruffini, a Nutritional Biologist. I graduated with honors (110/110) in Biological Sciences from RomaTre University in Rome in 2009. Over the years, I have pursued various Master’s degrees and Advanced Courses in the field of nutrition, exploring its different aspects across various regions of Italy. The moments that truly shaped my career path include completing the Professional Update Master’s in Dietology and Clinical Nutrition at IAF in Rome in 2014, the Advanced Course in Pediatric Nutrition at Nutrimedifor in 2016, and achieving the title of Expert in Sports Nutrition from Scuola SANIS in Rome in 2020.

In addition to a strong foundational education, my interest quickly gravitated towards children and adolescents, influenced by my two wonderful daughters aged 8 and 2. I aim to introduce them to the “magical” world of aromas, flavors, and combinations, instilling proper eating habits from infancy to adulthood. Sports have always been a part of my life. Over the years, I’ve engaged in various activities including dance, swimming, gym workouts, pre-boxing training, and long-distance running, always seeking a balance between performance and proper nutrition. These principles have been applied to myself first and then to others.

In 2011, after passing the State Exam, I obtained certification as a Nutritional Biologist and have been duly registered in the National Association of Biologists, Section A (registration number: AA 064082) since January 2011. Since September 2011, I have been practicing as a freelance professional in my studios located in Rome, primarily in the Eur-Torrino area. I collaborate with general practitioners, physiotherapists, personal trainers, and psychologists.

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