Discovering Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds

discovering aerobic and anaerobic thresholds

Discovering Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds Using a Heart Rate Monitor (Comprehensive Guide)


Measuring your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds is crucial for optimizing your training and maximizing your sports performance. In this article, we will delve into how to uncover these thresholds using a heart rate monitor, with a specific focus on the Conconi Test, preferably performed at the gym on a treadmill for its precision. Remember that consulting a fitness specialist is always a wise choice before undertaking such a test.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds: What They Are and Why They Matter:

The aerobic threshold signifies the exercise intensity below which the body primarily burns fats for energy. The anaerobic threshold, on the other hand, is the point at which the body begins to produce lactic acid faster than it can be cleared, leading to fatigue and exhaustion. Uncovering these thresholds can guide training and optimize performance.

The Conconi Test: Precise and Reliable:

One of the most reliable tests for identifying these thresholds is the Conconi Test. This test involves gradually increasing exercise intensity while monitoring heart rate. The athletic track or, even better, the gym treadmill, provide the ideal environment for accurately conducting this test.

How to Perform the Conconi Test:

  1. Preparation: Warm up adequately with 10-15 minutes of light exercise.
  2. Wear the Heart Rate Monitor: Ensure the heart rate monitor is well-positioned and functioning.
  3. Gradual Increment: Begin running or walking at a comfortable pace. Slightly increase intensity every 200 meters or every minute.
  4. Monitoring: Keep a constant watch on heart rate. Record heart rate when you begin to feel a mild exertion and when the increase is no longer linear.
  5. Data Analysis: Track the data to determine the anaerobic threshold. Look for where the heart rate curve starts to deviate.

Conclusions: Always Consult a Specialist and the Future of Training:

It is important to emphasize that threshold tests require accurate and professional understanding. Always consult a fitness specialist or physician before embarking on a test to ensure safety and effectiveness. Soon, in our upcoming article, we will explore how to utilize these discovered thresholds to tailor your training based on your specific sport and goals.


Discovering your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds is a crucial step in optimizing your training and sports performance. By using a heart rate monitor and, particularly, the Conconi Test, you can gather valuable data to drive your training. However, remember that the guidance of a specialist is always essential to safely and effectively conduct tests of this nature. In our next article, we will delve into how to translate these thresholds into a personalized training program, tailored to your sport-specific needs and objectives.

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